How to make a Butterfly out of Scrap Ribbon

Please only use these instructions for personal use. Feel free to sell what you make, but please DO NOT COPY and resell these instructions. Thank you!

Since I've learned so much from being here and finally have something different to share. I thought I would share some instructions on how to make a butterfly with scraps. I posted the butterfly in another post and it seems a few people want to know so here it is:

What you'll need:

Lighter or wood burning tool.
Glue gun & Glue
Needle and Thread
1 - 4" piece of 1.5" ribbon (or 2 pieces that are at least 2 1/4" long) Top wings
1 - 3.5" piece of 1.5" ribbon ( or 2 pcs " " " " 2" long) bottom wings
3 - 4" pieces of 3/8" ribbon ( woven body)
1 - 1" pc of 3/8" to cover back of butterfly
1 - 1 1/4" pc of 3/8" ribbon for antennas

Take each pc of 1/5" ribbon fold in half and round the edges with scissors. Heat seal the ends.

Place the longer ribbon over top of the shorter one 3/8" over.

If you're using 4 smaller pieces of ribbon, take the 2 pieces for the top wings, overlap the straight ends 1/4" and stitch through without creasing, just to hold the pieces together. Do the same with the bottom wings. Then you can over lap the top and bottom without trying to hold all 4 pieces in place.

Use a needle and thread to create your creases, I do about 5 creases.

Pinch the middle to fold your crease and sew through a couple of times to secure.

Take your 3/8" ribbon, fold each in half and anchor with a clip.

Braid until you reach the end and secure with another clip.

Cut the end and heat with a lighter until ribbon starts to melt. Pinch together to make each piece of ribbon melt together and sticks/binds

Do the same with the other end

Glue the body to the wings

Fold the ends over to the back and secure with glue.

Cut the sides of your 1 1/4" piece to make antennas

Use a lighter to heat seal and create the curve.

Glue to the back of the butterfly. Heat seal the end of your 1" piece of 3/8" ribbon and glue to the back of the butterfly over top of the antennas to secure them in place.

Flip over and embellish with rhinestones or leave it as is.


  1. That is beautiful ..
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  3. Hi, I just recently started putting clips in my daughter's hair. Gotta' love to add this on her hair accessories' collection. Thanks for searing this wonderful tute. :D

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  5. Same tutorial with pictures: