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How to make a Butterfly out of Scrap Ribbon

Please only use these instructions for personal use. Feel free to sell what you make, but please DO NOT COPY and resell these instructions. Thank you!

Since I've learned so much from being here and finally have something different to share. I thought I would share some instructions on how to make a butterfly with scraps. I posted the butterfly in another post and it seems a few people want to know so here it is:

What you'll need:

Lighter or wood burning tool.
Glue gun & Glue
Needle and Thread
1 - 4" piece of 1.5" ribbon (or 2 pieces that are at least 2 1/4" long) Top wings
1 - 3.5" piece of 1.5" ribbon ( or 2 pcs " " " " 2" long) bottom wings
3 - 4" pieces of 3/8" ribbon ( woven body)
1 - 1" pc of 3/8" to cover back of butterfly
1 - 1 1/4" pc of 3/8" ribbon for antennas

Take each pc of 1/5" ribbon fold in half and round the edges with scissors. Heat seal the ends.

Place the longer ribbon over top of the shorter one 3/8" over.

If you're using 4 smaller pieces of ribbon, take the 2 pieces for the top wings, overlap the straight ends 1/4" and stitch through without creasing, just to hold the pieces together. Do the same with the bottom wings. Then you can over lap the top and bottom without trying to hold all 4 pieces in place.

Use a needle and thread to create your creases, I do about 5 creases.

Pinch the middle to fold your crease and sew through a couple of times to secure.

Take your 3/8" ribbon, fold each in half and anchor with a clip.

Braid until you reach the end and secure with another clip.

Cut the end and heat with a lighter until ribbon starts to melt. Pinch together to make each piece of ribbon melt together and sticks/binds

Do the same with the other end

Glue the body to the wings

Fold the ends over to the back and secure with glue.

Cut the sides of your 1 1/4" piece to make antennas

Use a lighter to heat seal and create the curve.

Glue to the back of the butterfly. Heat seal the end of your 1" piece of 3/8" ribbon and glue to the back of the butterfly over top of the antennas to secure them in place.

Flip over and embellish with rhinestones or leave it as is.

Clippie Case Instructions

This clippie case holds 12 - 14 lined clips.

What you'll need:

2 corresponding pieces of fabric 12.5" x 5"
This will give your case dimensions of 11.5" x 4" when finished. You can make your pieces of fabric wider just add 1" to whatever width you want your case for the 1/2" seam allowance around the edge. Furthermore, you can add more length by addin 3" sections to the length of the fabric.

2 pieces of Ribbon to match Fabric 5.5" long
Matching Thread
Velcro for closure (or whatever you choose as a closure)
Template for your Flap (Small piece of cardboard or paper 5" x 2.5")

These are the fabric pieces I used.

1)First decide the shape you want your flap. I took the small flap of an envelope, traced it on my piece of paper and cut it to fit the width of my fabric (had to do a little reshaping)

2.) Lay your template on your fabric and cut out the flap on both pieces.

This is how my flaps looked.

3.) Mark a line, starting from your straight end, at 5.5" and 8.5" on the top and bottom of your fabric. This will be where you line up your ribbon for holding the clips.

4.) Line up your fabric right sides together with your ribbon in between. Don't worry about lining up the ribbon just yet.

5.) Okay, the reason I gave a little extra length on the ribbon than the actual width of your fabric was so it would be easier to line up your ribbon to the markings made on your fabric.
Line up your ribbon so they lay to the left of your lines (I'm assuming your straight edge is on your left and the flap is on the right, as pictured below)

6.) Once you have all your pieces lined up secure them in place with a few pins

7.) Sew along the edge leaving a 1/2" seam allowance. I started lengthwise on the right side and sewed almost all the way around. Once I got to the width section (straight edge) I left a small opening of about 2" - 3". This is where you will pull your case right side out.

This is my case sewn with 1/2" allowance on the edge.

And the opening I left.

8.)To make your fabric lay flat when you turn it right side out you'll need to cut your corners. Above pictured is how I cut my flap corners

Corners of bottom of Case

9.) Turn you case right side out. You can use a pencil to push your corners out. At this point I fold in the opening and iron the whole case, this makes it easier for me to sew the topstitch

10.) When sewing the topstich, I leave about a 3/8" allowance as I find this looks the best. Sew all the way around your case. You can mark every 3" from the bottom of the case and straight stitch width wise to define your sections/where the case folds. You should have a top flap, 2 ribbon sections and a bottom flap.

Attach your velcro to the top flap on the inner fabric and to your second section from the bottom on the outer fabric (*tip: pin/hold your velcro to the top flap first, fold the case the way you would to close it. Lay your other piece of velro down where the top piece would land, this way your closure lines up)

I covered the stitches from the velcro with a rhinestone. You can use a button or flower or anything else you want or even leave it as is.

If you don't want to see any stitching from your closure, you would have to sew it to your inner piece of fabric first before sewing your case together (Step 7)

This is what my case looked like when I was done.

Hope this tutorial was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

***Please DO NOT copy my photos and Instructions to sell tutorial. Feel free to link back to this post if you would like to share this tutorial with your friends***

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Flower Clip Winner....

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